1. What is EIR Mobile App?

EIR Mobile App is an abbreviation for Equipment Interchange Receipt; a mobile application that allows you to take a picture of a shipping container and add remarks on its condition at every interchange point of the container. Subsequently, the procured block of data will be transferred to the EIR Library.

2. What is EIR Library?

EIR Library is an abbreviation for Equipment Interchange Receipt Library, which is a website that keeps track of all container inspection activities performed by the Mobile Apps users in order to chain blocks of data together in chronological order.

3. Who will benefit from it?

Worldwide logistics stakeholders in the entire supply chain (shipping container handlers) but not limited to : Ports, Forwarders, Freight forwarders, Hauliers, Shippers, Consignees, Container Depots, Main Line Operators and NVOCCs.

4. Why should I use it?

You can contribute by using blockchain technology in order to increase availability of shipping container for higher average turnaround time (ATT) leading to cost reduction in container management.

5. What are the benefits of it?

  • Damage notification - Before beginning the inspection process, the mobile app user will be prompted about container damage (if any).
  • Knowledge management - Increase container awareness and protection during the handling process to avoid possible container damage and an increase in repair claims.
  • Damage liability - A dependable method for justifying the container handler's liability for damage based on the inspection report as evidence at every point of contact between the handlers.
  • Reduce administrative burden - Using the EIR mobile app, you may update container information, take photos, and conduct inspections. After that, visit EIR website where you can look for visual evidence and inspection reports.
  • Simplify inspection process – A simple tool that replaces current time-consuming inspection process, which involves the use of manual forms, filing, and a camera, and then inputs the manual data into a computer/system.
  • Easy access – Online access of past images and/or condition of Shipping Container taken during its voyage.
  • Blockchain - Data of every inspection is stamped with date, time and location. This data is stored in block and each block is chained together in chronological order to form the ledger of container inspection.

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