About Us

D&D Control (D&D) is the go-to destination for the logistics industry players. Established in 1994, D&D has built its brand for almost 3 decades being a vibrant energetic in-house team engaging stakeholders to develop industry solution to reduce container management costs. With an exclusive engagement and endless support from all stakeholders, D&D is often seen as the pioneer in the market, plus an industry regulator of best practices in container management. By customizing the core technology innovations and enhancement to cater to the dynamic changing needs and landscape of logistics hub, it is D&D’s fondest hope to become the leading omni channel platform in heightening the synergy between logistics industry players in the entire supply chain.


A digital company leading cost reduction in container management worldwide.


  • To curate versatile center for all photos and container inspection activities/services under one roof, bridging them to stakeholders all over the world with date, time and location stamp.
  • To encourage and educate all container handlers to utilize EIR Mobile App and subsequently EIR Library, in order to protect themselves and/or their companies’ interest.
  • To eliminate traditional practices of container inspection and further reduce current workload.