Introduction to Equipment Interchange Receipt Library for Containers

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Photo 1
Photo 1
  • A mobile application to capture container inspection activities at every interchange.
  • This app will guide user through the 7 Step inspection process to ensure photo is captured along with remarks on the condition of container at every step.
  • A copy of the photo / condition and a report will be transferred to EIR Library for storage and retrieval.
  • EIR Library will provide easy access to past inspection activities of Shipping Container taken during its voyage.
  • Awareness to protect the container and its cargo during handling process from any damage claims which may arise later.
  • User friendly mobile app with timestamp to conduct inspection and gain access to full report of inspection activities. This app will replace current time consuming and tedious work process using form, file & camera for container inspection activities and later input the information into a computer to generate report.
  • EIR Library serves as a reliable tool to provide evidence during container interchange between 2 parties, in order to protect their interest at that material time. 
Photo 1